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“Project Runway” Production Company Wants Barbizon!


The production company that brought you awesome television shows, such as Project Runway (BRAVO), Top Chef (BRAVO), The Last Comic Standing (NBC), Bands on the Run (VH1), Project Greenlight (HBO & BRAVO), Treasure Hunters (NBC)… is now producing “Character Fantasy” on USA Network, featuring one of our very own Barbizon instructors!


“Ever wanted to be a celebrity or just look like one? Have an alter ego or inner character you can’t wait to unleash? Every Saturday, Brandon Johnson makes Hollywood makeovers happen on Character Fantasy while you watch a great flick!”

Our Los Angeles based instructor, Katherine, will be heading over to the studio TOMORROW to film the segment.  She will be teaching a Hollywood hopeful how to model with the best of them and get her ready for her photoshoot challenge!  Of course the contestant will win, right? She’s got Barbizon on her side!

Please check back for more updates on this story… and hopefully a video segment to post on our blog!

To find out more about our Barbizon of Los Angeles, contact our corporate office: (415-391-4254) 369 Sutter Street, San Francisco CA 94108.